Cookie Monster and Flower cupcakes for Kyle and Kyrelle.

Cookie Monster cupcake with chocolate chip cookies for Kyle's 5th birthday.  

Barbie pink Hydrangeas and Peonies for Kyrelle's Christening.
Took more than four hours to make all 24 cookie monster cupcakes and an hour to make the flower cupcakes.  It would  be faster but I want it to be perfect and dainty looking. After making the the first batch of cupcakes I realized I don't have eggs for the second batch of cupcakes.  Then I found this "Eggless Chocolate Cupcake" recipe (,176,131177-253194,00.html) @  I looked at several recipes and I settled on this one because the recipe calls for vinegar and looking back to elementary baking soda plus vinegar equals fizz.  I tweaked it a little. Luckily, it turned out great!


JEN said…
ang cute ni cookie monster... sana may elmo din.. ^_^

can i post this link sa fb ni ms. denny.. pakita ko lang si cookie monster sa kanya... ^_^

Thanks!! ^_^
Anonymous said…
Can I have some of that Cookie monster cupcake? XD hahaha They look awesomely delicious !! :D

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