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Blossom Cupcakes

The insane amount of snow outside inspired me to create these cherry and apple blossom chocolate cupcakes.  Spring cannot come soon enough.  This is dark chocolate cupcake with semi-sweet chocolate glaze.

Coffee Cupcakes... a combination made in heaven.

The first two are coffee chiffon cupcakes with coffee butter  cream icing.  I made them for my mother in law's work.  The last cupcakes are also  coffee chiffon cupcakes I made for Bronze's teachers.  I figured coffee and cupcake a combination made in heaven.

Cookie Monster and Flower cupcakes for Kyle and Kyrelle.

   Cookie Monster cupcake with chocolate chip cookies for Kyle's 5th birthday.   Barbie pink Hydrangeas and Peonies for Kyrelle's Christening. Took more than four hours to make all 24 cookie monster cupcakes and an hour to make the flower cupcakes.  It would  be faster but I want it to be perfect and dainty looking. After making the the first batch of cupcakes I realized I don't have eggs for the second batch of cupcakes.  Then I found this "Eggless Chocolate Cupcake" recipe (,176,131177-253194,00.html) @  I looked at several recipes and I settled on this one because the recipe calls for vinegar and looking back to elementary baking soda plus vinegar equals fizz.  I tweaked it a little. Luckily, it turned out great!