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Bow Tie Retirement Party Cake

Made stripes with blue buttercream using Sweetness and Bites  blocking method.  The stripes were done by sticking strips of parchment paper on every other 2 1/4 inches section on the side of the cake.   Blue buttercream is then applied on the gaps and then smoothed out by a pallet knife

The anatomy of Tammy's Wedding Cake

Handmade Calalilies and Plumeria Set up When I make a cake I prepare certain things ahead of time in order to save time.  I make the gum paste flowers months ahead of time for it to completely dry.   Roll yellow gum paste into 1/2 " in diameter  Elongate the piece that you are working on cut florist wire to 6" long .  

Gmod and Batman back to school cake

Gmod and Batman hybrid cake fashioned into a back pack is an awesome motivation for kids going back to school this September.