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Golden Anniversary Golf and Bike Cake

She loves biking and He loves golfing.  Happy 50th anniversary Eva and Robert.  Got a phone call from Eva thanking me for making their cake.  She said that it was very cute, delicious and everyone loved it.  I am happy and glad that I made their anniversary special. 8" in diameter vanilla cake covered in vanilla buttercream with fondant cake decoration. 

Big Hero 6 Two Tier Cake

Because of the heat wave we are having I am worried about this cake falling apart.  I even contemplated about making 50/50 butter/shortening icing instead of my 100% all butter buttercream icing.  I bake only chiffon on sponge type cakes so it makes it even susceptible to breakage because chiffon cakes are soft and light.  No matter, I just inserted lots of straws in the cake to prevent the top tier from caving into to the bottom tier.  I kept the cake in the fridge until the client picked it up.  In 30+ weather butter is like thick stew. Partially decorate each tier seperately.  Cover bottom tier with red fondant.  I used parchment paper to determine the size of bayamax's face.  First I measured the height of the cake.  Since the cake is 4" tall I made Bayamax's face to be 3" tall.  The diameter of Bayamax's face is approximately 1/3 of the total circumference of the cake.  I made a template out of regular white paper.  I folded my paper in half and draw half

Carousel Cake

Pineapple and coconut cake that reminds me of a virgin pinacolada.  This is a special request cake from a client.  Canopy is made with 6" round cake stacked on top of an 8" round cake.