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"Call of Duty" inspired cake

To make the camouflage fondant click  here  for the instructions. www.Sweetcreationsby used 3 colours of fondant and shape each colour into small beans.  Shown in the picture bellow she arranged each colour to desired pattern and size.  She then roll it out to desired thickness. This is a Mexican Chiffon Vanilla cake with Custard (Yema) Filling.  Outlined the edge with buttercream to prevent the filling from spilling out to the sides.  This is the same filling I used to fill braso de mercedes roll. Any vanilla cake recipe can be used.  Even vanilla cake mix is fine too.  This Yema filling is thick.  I wanted it thick so it holds up and don't fall apart on me when I add the next layer.  Here is the Yema filling recipe. 10 egg yolks 1 can condensed milk 1 tsp vanilla extract In a small pan beat together egg yolks and condensed milk.  Cook mixture is low heat.  Stir constantly and cook until mixture clumps up a bit.  Remove from heat

Spring Owl Cake

Aubrey's owl cake has sprung for her first birthday.  Happy Birthday Aubrey! Cake and owl is made with chocolate cake with vanilla buttercream.   Cake time with friends! She is a very neat eater.. Soo cute.

Minecraft Diamond Pickaxe Cupcake cake

used square silicone baking cups Add caption

Super Girl barbie cake

Turned Belle into Super Girl!! Sneak peak... made her top first added her skirt Made a mistake.  The extra cake on her look like she has a lot of junk in the trunk.  Whoops sorry Super Girl... Birthday girl and her cousin Cupcake time Wrap the grand parents game.  I bet Tito Mando regret showing up for the party.. hehhehe hahahah pink this time... coz its Charisma's team Go batgirl go!!! Iron man casual days Super Bronze Batgirl attended the party too!

Pitsburg Penguin Cupcake cake

I transferred the penguins logo by placing a parchment paper on top of  a reverse image photo and tracing image with tinted piping gel.  Make sure to tape down your image and parchment paper on table to keep it steady. Carefully press down the piping gel traced image unto the perfectly iced surface. The basic shape.  Used royal icing to 'glue down' individual cupcake.  To save time glue down the cupcakes in the perimeter of the shape.   Once desired shape achieve apply icing using wilton tip 2M and smooth out with an offset spatula.