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Olaf Rice Crispy Sculpture

Build a snowman in the summer with rice crispy treats and buttercream.   I can't say I miss the snow because I am perfectly happy with this warm weather.  Just in case, here is one way to make a snowman in the summer.  But before that here are some pics from my niece's Frozen themed birthday party. Since its hot out why not have a Frozen theme in the summer. No worries Olaf will not melt. He is made with rice crispy treats and sugary buttercream. Olaf with the kiddies The birthday girl and Olaf Thanks for inviting us.  It's nice to cool off for a bit.   Here is how I made Olaf.... You will need: 3 preparations of rice crispy treats (found in any Rice Crispy cereal box) about 150 g brown fondant 60 g orange fondant 250 g black fondant 250 g white fondant for eyes, teeth, and cheeks 1 preparation of shortening base buttercream 3 large bamboo BBQ sticks 1 foot bendable florist wire toothpicks gardening sheers Make Olaf's head first s

Thomas the Train

Here is how I made this cake... Layered chocolate and coffee cake crumb coat and top coat with light blue buttercream for the sky. Its best to leave it naked for a more realistic sky effect. How I made Mr. Conductor..... Start with the base shape Shoes and pants hem Stack all parts together Add jacket.  Did this by placing required piece of fondant on the white base and trim it directly on the base.   Add arms and yellow twisted candle to hold balloon up.

Tita Rosie's 70th Birthday

The following week we celebrated my aunt's big 7-0 milestone.   My mom has so many siblings there is bound to have back to back birthday celebration. My special ube with coconut buttercream cake. This is my Tita Rosie.  I used to get her confused with my mom when I was little.  hehehe Tita Rosie's siblings and in laws (left to right): Mom, Dad, Tito Mando, Tita Rosie, Tita Beth, Tita Lor, and Tito Bien The grand kids...  Ohh and the "teenagers" in the background having a heated conversation on "whose pose is better." Jane the newlywed Cheers!

Chocolate Cupcake with Raspberry Buttercream

Chocolate Chiffon cupcakes  Fresh raspberry buttercream.  The colour alone looks delicious.