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Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle

Made with chocolate cake and filled with chocolate buttercream. Angry Teenage Michealangelo. GRRRR Birthday boy.. Happy to have Choo Choo the clown's awesome balloon art.

Santa Cupcake Cake

Its Christmas season again.  For my kid's School Christmas Concert social I made a Santa Claus cupcake cake.  It sort of reminded me of the 8 bit video game graphics back in the day.  Each cupcake represents a pixel in the whole cake.  In this case I used 2 doz vanilla cupcake to create this santa claus cake. I used 22 cupcake for this configuration.  Originally there are 22 cupcakes.  I added 1 cupcake at the bottom of Santa's  beard and also another cupcake at the tip of Santa's hat. After pipping out roses .  Used Wilton #1M.. Start  from middle of the cupcake.                                                                       2013 Sister Annata Brockman Catholic School Christmas concert.   Bronze's Grade 3 Christmas Concert December 16,2013 - Sister Annata Brockman School He did his own hairdo! Charisma's Grade 1 Christmas Concert December 12, 2013 at Good Shepard Catholic Church. Charisma and her bestie Megan Ecstatic to

Hello Kitty Cupcake Cake

 This is my favourite.  I put together 37 cupcakes to create this cute hello Kitty cake. Buttercream Recipe: 1 cup butter at room temperature 4 cups sifted icing sugar 1 tablespoon vanilla extract 3 tablespoon milk The amount of icing sugar, vanilla extract, and milk can be modified to suit your taste.  Beat the butter until smooth then add the rest of the ingredients beat everything on medium speed on electric beater until smooth.  Enjoy! Hello Kitty in her turtle.  Baby its cold out here. -31 with -40 windchill. Pipped roses on individual cupcakes using Wilton tip #1M.  Cover gaps with more icing. This is how I arranged the ube cupcakes.  31 all together.

Zumbella Zumba Cake

 Meant for the Zumbella instructor who inspired so many people to get up and dance.  I am honoured to make this cake for you. Red Velvet cake goodness.  6"tall, 9" wide and 13 " in length One cake is not enough.  Her husband wanted a "feature" cake for her. He came up with cakes that spells her name and he wanted it on a slanted cake stand.  Grated 15 large carrots to make this carrot cake. Its  12" tall  by 36" wide. Slanted Cakestand - I made from styrofoam and cardboard. Wrapped everything in gold florist foil.