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Silver Mist Cake

Made this cute little Silver Mist Cake. Ube Cake.  10" high by 9" wide. The back Initially I was going to make the whole cake into a dress but went against it because Silver Mist is soo tiny.  The finished cake will not look right (tiny torso with giant dress).  Instead, I place her on top of the cake and reconstructed her dress with fondant.  This how I did it.

Heart Rose Cake

My American cousin introduced me to Red Velvet Cake.   We were enjoying a piece of cake and he said, "this cake is good not bad.  But the best cake I ever had is red velvet cake."  I asked him what is in it.  He told me, " I don't know but its hella good!"  So my red velvet cake journey begins.  What is soo great about this cake anyways.  I googled it.  I found tones of recipes.  My first attempt baking red velvet is a bust.  The cake is so tough not velvety at all.  Then I dug deeper.  Turns out its all about ingredient chemistry.   The unique velvety texture is achieved by using equal parts vinegar/ baking soda combo as a leavening agent and the acidic buttermilk.  Its always good to pre measure everything ahead of time.  You need to quickly fold in the vinegar/ baking soda mixture before it fizzes out (Joy of Baking) . Red Velvet Cake with Cream Cheese Icing

Black Forest Cake

They said there is always a first time for everything and this time is the first time I am baking a black forest cake.   To tell you the truth I don't like black forest cake.  The ones that I had had to much icing, too much cherry filling.  I actually don't like cherries.  But I decided to give it another try.  Maybe the ones that I had are not the best black forest cake.  I simply don't know.  So I googled black forest cake recipes.  The website "Joy of Baking" is an excellent source for all baked goods.  According to "Joy of Baking" website black forest cake thought to originate from Germany and the originator was inspired by "the Black Forest of Germany".  The chocolate cake is a spongy type of cake called Genoise.  Genoise is used because it readily absorbs soaking syrup.  In this case Kirsh (cherry brandy) is added into the soaking syrup so that the cherry flavour will show through the cake and the cherry filling.  The cake is suppose to