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King Pig and Angry Birds Cupcake

My friend Myra and I made this cake together for her son's birthday.  She did the hard part which is baking.  I did the fun part which is decorating (with some help from Myra).  Myra also made matching Angry Birds cupcake to go with the King Pig.  This is how we made Mathew's King Pig cake and Angry Birds cupcake.

The next day unwrap the cake.  Before attaching both cakes together to create a ball we need to ensure the flat part of the cake is levelled.  If not, trim excess cake.  Trim the dome of the bottom half of the cake (cake 1) for stability (see picture bellow).  Spread a tiny amount of icing (ie: a teaspoon) in the middle of your temporary cake board. ( **Tip: Never use "whipped" ready made icing. This icing is too runny. You need a firm icing to keep layers together.)  Set down the bottom half of the cake with "trimmed" part down.  Spread the buttercream filling on top.  Stack cake 2 on top of cake 1.  Your cake should now resemble a ball and it sh…

3 Dimensional Elmo Cake

I made this Elmo cake for my cousin's daughter, Jayla who turned 3 a few weeks ago for her Sesame Street Themed birthday party.  The cake was a marble chiffon cake crumb coated and filled with chocolate buttercream.  For Elmo's fur I used Wilton's "grass tip" to pipe out red vanilla buttercream.  Elmo's eyes and nose are made with fondant which I secured using toothpicks.

More Elmos...

Happy Birthday Canada, Elaine, and Ferric

This year's Canada Day we celebrated my brother Ferric and cousin Elaine's birthday.  It was held in Tita Beth's place.  Even if it there was a brief monsoon type of rain in the morning mother nature made nice by giving us perfect sunny weather in the afternoon.  Can you say AWESOME!