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Cookie Monster Cake..

Cookie Monster is one of my favorite Sesame Street character.  I am honored to make this cake for Ayden's 1st birthday.  This cake has a total of 4 layers.  Layer 1 is 9" round coffee cake. On top is two 8" round coffee cakes.  The top layer is made with cut up  coffee cupcakes which is held together by creamy coffee butter cream. The whole thing is filled and crumb coated with creamy coffee buttercream. I then pipped cookie monster blue vanilla buttercream once I achieved my desired shape of the cake.  It also came with matching individually wrapped cookie monster cupcake.  (click link to see the picture)

All my hard work is worthwhile when I recieve comments like this...

Elmo LOVES Cupcakes!

Made these cupcakes for an Elmo themed birthday party.  They are so cute I don't want to part with them.  The eyes are made with white fondant and chocolate chips.  I attached the chocolate chip by brushing some water on the flat of the chocolate chip and stuck into the larger white circle.  The nose is made with fondant as well.  First I covered the cupcake with buttercream frosting using Wilton tip #233.

Adults loves cupcakes too...

Parker's Mod Monkey Marble Cake

On Remembrance Day (2011)  we went to Parker's birthday party.  I made a Mod Monkey Marble Cake and some cake pops for his monkey themed birthday party.  It was too cold for a bouncy castle instead they brought in the Adventure Bus!  Charisma hung out in the bus the whole time but for some reason Bronze didn't want in there.