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Tinkerbell meets ANGRY Bird

Double birthday cake for my daughter Charisma and for my little brother Patrick.  Both cakes are chocolate chiffon cake filled and covered by chocolate buttercream.  The flowers are vanilla cupcakes with vanilla buttercream. Happy 5th Birthday Charisma.  Happy 30th Birthday Uncle Patrick! the kiddies Tinkerbell patched up the Angry Bird's boo-boo! Angry bird.... grrrr!!! Tink's house. The making of the tree cake stand. Used Wilton staggered cake stand.  I kept the middle level. Fashioned a branch by wrapping layers of paper around the stand.  I used packaging tape to secure each layer of paper. Applied a layer of  royal icing on the paper branch.  Covered the base with green fondant and the branch with brown fondant.


Team GEE WHIZ thank you for running in the CIBC RUN FOR CURE so that breast cancer research continue to happen. A while ago I asked Ryan if they got their team name from "cheese whiz".  He told me that their team was named after his cousin Gee who lost her battle to breast cancer.  While I was making this cake I was thinking about Gee the whole time.  I made the cake very feminine, added hearts to symbolize the love of her family that misses her, and placed a breast cancer's signature symbol pink ribbon on the side. ENJOY TEAM GEE WHIZ! In Memory of Lola Ester Espino and Gee... My favourite cake coffee chiffon with coffee buttercream. The lettering and hearts are made with chocolate buttercream.