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Happy Birthday Grandpa Edward!

My father –in-law, Edward  has a soft spot for animals.  He would take home injured pigeons from work and nurse them back to health.  At home he has two adorable pet dogs named Furby and Rocky.  Those two are his babies.  For his birthday I made him  a vanilla/ chocolate marble Rocky cake.

Swan Wedding Cake

Yesterday I went to Tita Ila and Tito Boyet's wedding.  The ceremony was beautifully officiated by Rev. Bill MacGillivray.  He brought out the couple's faith and love in God.  The cutest part of the wedding is when they sealed the wedding with a kiss.  Tito Boyet was sweating bullets as he attempts to kiss Tita Ila.  He was so shy that the kiss turned into a peck on the cheeks.    Hehehe maybe when no one is around Tito Boyet can give Tita Ila a "real kiss".    I am really honoured to make Tita Ila and Tito Boyet's wedding cake.  It is a coffee sponge cake covered in coffee buttercream frosting.  The swan and briar roses are made out of gumpaste.  This is also my first wedding cake.   I also made cupcakes of the same flavour but I topped the cupcake off with coffee shortbread cookies dipped in white chocolate. This is my little girl Charisma with the flower girl Trish.  The other is my cousin Aljo from LA.  Please leave a comment.

A Cake Perfect for Caffeine Addicts and Shopaholics

Whew! This is what I said when I finished this cake.  I was nervous last night thinking that this cake is going to look horrible. But hey not bad for my first fondant purse cake.  The purse and its base is coffee sponge cake. The whole cake is filled and frosted with coffee buttercream.  The purse is covered in pink and black fondant.  I used gumpaste to make the satin shoes, and purple roses.  Enjoy the cake Josephine and Happy Birthday!  Please leave a comment.  Thank you!

Lightning McQueen? Red Barney? Lets take a poll!

Lets take a poll. What do you see?  Barney or Lightning McQueen?   Its suppose to be Lightning McQueen.  It was very late (11 pm).  It did not occur to me that they look like Barney until I added the eyes.  I should have made sharper corners.  Ohh well lesson learned!   BTW its a vanilla/chocolate marble cake with vanilla icing.  Besides the character mix-up.  It tastes great.

Marble Cakes... soft as clouds

Chocolate and vanilla marble cake.  Crumb coat with chocolate glaze and iced with vanilla buttercream topped with chocolate chips.  Please leave a comment.

Purple Yammmy Goodness: Ube Macapuno Cake for a Snow Day

The purple colour of the cake is from the purple yam.    "Ube" is purple yam in english.  It is the main ingredient of Ube cake.  This is just your basic chiffon cake in which finely grated ube is mixed into "heavy" part of the cake batter which contains the egg yolk, flour, baking powder, cooking oil, milk, and sugar.  This ube macapuno cake is so light and moist you will be able to finish the whole cake by yourself ( I am speaking from experience).  I frosted it with coconut buttercream, filled with macapuno filling and topped it off with sweetened grated coconut.  Please leave a comment.