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Pretty in Pink

I could stil remember the smell.  The smell is like strawberry cheesecake with a hint of chocolate.  I swear I wanted to take and eat one already.  The Princess cake is made out of red velvet cake and strawberry cake.  The crown cupcakes are strawberry cupcakes. deeeleeecious!

Bumble Bee Camaro.

Rice crispies treat base At first I was going to make a Retro Transformers Bumble Bee.  I thought baby steps first so I decided to make a cartoon version of a Camaro instead.  Besides the birthday boy told his mom he wanted a Camaro when he turned 18.  He is only 6 so cereal treat Camaro is makes more sense for now.  Not bad for my time rice crispies sculpting.    

Spring is in the Air!!!

I know if you look outside is far from being spring. Today is the first day of daylight savings time and about a week from now is spring equinox. Thats right first day of spring. I have so much faith because Alberta weather suppose to drastically change every minute. Anyways this weekend Chris, the kids and I went to my neice's 1st birthday and I made cake and cupcakes for her. Its a spring theme party. She is so very cute in her little pink tutu. This is her about to blow the candle. My first attempt with modelling chocolate. I made these lady bug out of modeling chocolate and coated with red glaze. My beloved husband and kids.

Pink Roses

These are Coffee Chiffon Cupcake with coffee icing.