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DIY Disney Ufufy Mickey Mouse Cake

Here is the video of my Ufufy Mickey Mouse Cake

I made this cute Ufufy Mickey for my nephew's 1st birthday.  Ufufy are the latest scented plush from Disney Japan.  They are round and fluffy and ultra cute!

The things you will need are: 700 g Brown fondant114 g yellow fondant50 g white fondant350 g coral fondant (tint white fondant with a drop of bright red gel food colouring)70 g skin colour fondant (tint white fondant by very little amount of brown gel food colouring, tip: dip a toothpick into brown gel food colouring and poke and slather toothpick in white fondant)60 g black fondantlarge cocktail toothpicksclean paint brushclear rulerwater in spray bottleoff set spatulapipping geltylose powdercornstarch for dustingmini rolling pinballing toolclean wood clay modeling tool with angled flat endsharp knifescalpel exacto knifepizza cutter6" round cake pan for shaping mickey's face2x 6" round cakes1x 6" half sphere cake

Stack the cakes together.  Place one of the rou…

Roblox 2 tier cake

Happy Birthday Valerie!!

Snowflake themed cake

My first cake of 2018!!!  Happy New Year Everyone!

Hello Kitty for Stephanie

Peppa Pig Cake

This cake is covered with buttercream and topped off with handmade fondant Peppa Pig.

Barong Tagalog Cake

I woke up this morning thinking about how to decorate this last minute cake.  Initially it was going to be tuxedo but wait barong tagalog is better right!