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Sofia the First Cupcake

I was inspired by doll cakes that is so popular right now.  I thought it would nice to make miniature versions of them in the form of cupcakes.  The little Sofia dolls are made with fondant.  Her eyes are hand painted using black gel food colouring. The white dot details on her dress are painted on with toothpicks using white gel food colouring.   Sofia's tiara are just 3 silver sugar pearls that I attached using clear pipping gel. Decorated my cupcakes with a classic swirl pattern and sprinkled it with white sprinkles or white sugar peals. Used BBQ skewers to hold the head and torso together for added support and anchors figurines in the cupcake.  Make sure stick goes all the way down to the bottom of the cupcake.  Dried the whole set up overnight for easy hair installation. The Sofias are ready for their make up. Using pink pearl dust on Sofia's cheeks to add a bit of colour on her cheeks. I also brushed a bit of pink pearl dust on her hair, a