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Pink Minnie Mouse Cake

Rhyanne at her Birthday Party.

LEGO brick cake

Red LEGO brick covered in red buttercream.  Used two 9" square cake pans.   Four nodes are made with cake cut out into 3" circles using 3" cookie cutter.  They are then set on 3" cardboard circles.  Ice all 4 circles. Prepare the square cake and smooth on red butter cream.  Once this is done place the mini round cakes on top of the square cake.


"Everything is awesome" at Josy's scooter birthday party at Kiwanis Safety City.  On June 12 the kids, Chris and I went to Josy's birthday party she turned 7.  So very happy to make this cupcake cake for her.   Josy as LEGO girl... Made with 30 cupcakes. Traffic Safety Time!!! Getting ready to ride.. Scooter Time... Like a boss Yaba daba doo!!! Let's eat!!! Josy and friends

My Bigbang MADE KPOP 40th birthday cake

I don't normally bake my own cake but since I am hitting the big 4-0 milestone I just went ahead and did it.  It was suppose to be a reenactment of the black low riders scene in Bigbang's video Bang Bang Bang well as you can see it never materialized.  I didn't have time to make the black low rider (booOO) so this is my shortcut version.  Maybe next year... Never too old to be a FANGIRL!!! #vipforever My inspiration... Bigbang's "Bang Bang Bang"

Thomas and Percy at Thidmouth Shed

This is Caleb Chase's Thomas and Percy.  The whole things is covered in sky blue buttercream.  Decorated the side of the cake to create a 3D effect. I find it challenging to create Thomas and Percy's face.  It took me a couple of tries to get the face that I wanted.  Even at this point their faces needed a little more tweeking.   Tidmouth's Shed