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Minion Cupcake Cake

This is how I made my Ube (purple yam) Minion cupcake..  Enjoy!
Come see how I made it in this youtube video.  Don't forget to subscribe for more updates!

To create the eyes...

This is the ball tool I used..

Pac Man Cake

My hubby turned 40 this past week.  We celebrated his birthday at home and a week later we had a party at Ed's Rec Room for some good old fashioned bowling.  Since Chris adored video games I made him pac man themed birthday cake.  I made a classic pac man interface using 2 large pieces of black construction paper for background.  Shredded indigo construction paper on an old strip shredder and used the strips to make the playing field's border.  Made ghost cookies drizzled in royal icing.  I made the ghost cookies by using tulip cookie cutter turned upside down.