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T-rex Cake

3D Picachu Pokemon

Inside Picachu is a chocolate syrup drenched mocha chiffon cake.  I frosted and filled it with luscious and creamy mocha buttercream.  
Chiffon cakes are pillowy soft and are not ideal for sculpted cakes.  To stop it from falling apart I inserted 4 bubble tea straws close to the edge of the first bottom three layers of the cake.  You will have to fill each layer first and then insert your bubble tea straws.  After the straws are in place a 6" cake pad on top of the 3 layer cake.  The straws and cake pad will act as pillars and base to hold up the remaining top two layers of the Picachu cake.

Picachu's ears and arms are made with fondant.  The ears are supported by BBQ skewers and an arm is supported by  3 cocktail toothpicks.  
How to make Picachu's electric tail.  

Apply generous amount of pipping gel on both sides of the prepared tail.  Roll out your yellow fondant.  Wrap the yellow fondant around the whole tail.  Wrap brown fondant at the bottom half of the tail.   The s…