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Tuxedo Cupcakes

Vanilla cupcake with chocolate ganache centre frosted with cream cheese icing and topped with whipped cream.

Winter Wedding with a hint of Christmas.

Coffee chiffon cake filled with coffee buttercream and covered with vanilla buttercream. It has a Christmas feel to the cake.  2 tier cake that is 10" tall. Bottom tier is 12 inches in diameter and the second is 10" in diameter.  Yummy goodness.  

Dino Cake

Hazelnut filled vanilla cake covered in light chocolate whipped cream.   I got inspired by Fred Flintone's pet snorkasuarus, "Dino".  He is normally purple but I made him blue this time. Dino the Snorkasaurus Happy Birthday Parker!  For his dinosaur themed birthday party.   Cocoa powder polka dots and yellow sugar sand.

Wonder Woman and Astro Boy Wedding cake - Patrick and Kelly's Wedding Cake

Coffee flavoured cake with coffee buttercream covered in white fondant.  The 3rd tier is decorated with coffee buttercream rosettes.

Puppy Cat - Charisma Turns 8!

For Charisma's birthday she asked me to make a "Puppy Cat".  He is a half puppy and and half cat.  Puppy Cat can be seen in Cartoon Hangover's  "Bee and Puppycat".   4 Cats Art Studio Birthday with her friends.  Recreating Van Go's "Sunflower". This place is heaven!!! Everyone's art turned out beautifully! A very memorable Birthday with her girls!

Minion of Steel

A Superman inspired Minion cake.  Coconut cake with coconut buttercream.  6" round 5 layer cake.  Its about 12" tall.  Everything is 100% edible including his goggles.