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Showing posts from November, 2014

Tuxedo Cupcakes

Vanilla cupcake with chocolate ganache centre frosted with cream cheese icing and topped with whipped cream.

Winter Wedding with a hint of Christmas.

Dino Cake

Hazelnut filled vanilla cake covered in light chocolate whipped cream.   I got inspired by Fred Flintone's pet snorkasuarus, "Dino".  He is normally purple but I made him blue this time.

Wonder Woman and Astro Boy Wedding cake - Patrick and Kelly's Wedding Cake

Puppy Cat - Charisma Turns 8!

For Charisma's birthday she asked me to make a "Puppy Cat".  He is a half puppy and and half cat.  Puppy Cat can be seen in Cartoon Hangover's  "Bee and Puppycat".  

4 Cats Art Studio Birthday with her friends.  Recreating Van Go's "Sunflower".

Minion of Steel

A Superman inspired Minion cake.  Coconut cake with coconut buttercream.  6" round 5 layer cake.  Its about 12" tall.  Everything is 100% edible including his goggles.