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My Mom and Dad's 39th anniversary

Coffee with coffee buttercream with Bernard Calebaut chocolate heart

Beef Empanadas

Flaky crust with savoury beef filling.  YUMMM!!!

Cashew Macaroons

A French macaroon and sans rival hybrid.  The macaroons are made with cashew nuts and filled with french buttercream just like in Sans Rival desert.  Martha Stewart's recipe for French Macaroons is my favourite.  Its easy to understand and follow.  I omitted the Swiss buttercream fillings and opted for the French buttercream just like in Sansrival desert (I didn't have the heart to waste the leftover egg yolks from making these macaroons). French Buttercream with ground cashew. You can also sprinkle finely chopped cashew to add a bit of a crunch.