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I wuv u

Modelled after the birthday girl's favorite stuffie.  Chocolate cake with chocolate filling.  I pipped out vanilla buttercream using Wilton tip (grass tip)

Lemon cupcake with White Chocolate Glaze - Passion Party Cupcake

If you love lemons this is the cupcake for you.  I offset the lemon flavour with sweet and creamy white chocolate glaze.

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles - Happy 5th Birthday Arielle

My brothers are nutsoid about these pizza loving Turtles.  Turns out Arielle is nuts about them too...  Not sure which one is her favourite TMNT..  I just picked Donatello since he is wearing purple.  You know purple for girls..

Started with once batch of rice crispies square.  Shape it into turtle head.  Cover it with high icing sugar content buttercream.  Smooth out with wax paper.
Cover with green fondant and top off with turtle mask.  TADA!  its done.

Diana and Carlo's Wedding

Ever since I started my cake decorating hobby a couple years ago I gift family and friends my delectable works of arts.  This year,  August 31st I made my cousin Diana's wedding cake.  The cake resembles a giant rose.  The second tier was embellished with white candy pearls and topped with my handcrafted chibi Snowboarder Bride and Groom Golfer figurines.

Cupcake Toppings
COFFEE SHORTBREAD FLOWERS - Normally I make coffee cupcake with coffee buttercream but since my cousin wanted white icing on the cupcake I have no choice but to add a bit of coffee flavouring.  I wanted to the coffee to be present in every aspect of the cupcake so I topped the cupcake off with coffee shortbread flowers.  The coffee shortbread flowers balances out the coffee flavour in the cake.  To make coffee shortbread add finely ground 1 tablespoon instant coffee (process instant coffee granules in food processor) into the dry ingredients mixture then finish off recipe as per usual.