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Blue Christening Cake

Light and fluffy ube chiffon cake, with ube filling sandwiched between 2 cake layers, special frosting, and covered with fondant.  The ube filling adds the ube halayan taste to the cake and it won't just taste like purple vanilla cake. God Bless you Rylan.  Your name is awesome!

Ube Cupcake with Grated Coconut

Light and fluffy ube chiffon cake with special buttercream frosting.   Purple yam... Purply goodness

Baby On Clouds

Made this cake for a baby shower.  The cake is Ube with coconut buttercream and filled with ube buttercream. Everything was presented on a colaspseable cake tower.  The cake tower is constructed by hot glueing  a 12" round cake drum on top of a 6" round cake dummy (middle tier).  10" round cake drum on top of 6" round cake dummy for the top tier.   The middle tier is stacked on top of a 14 " cake board, and the top tier is stacked on top of the middle tier.  Lined the surface of each tier with blue card stock paper.  You may also use grease proof paper. 6" round Ube Cake filled with ube buttercream and covered in coconut buttercream. Chocolate Chiffon cupcake with vanilla buttercream Red Velvet Chiffon cupcake 

Cookie Monster Cake Take 2

This is a 4 layer 8 inch by 9 inch.  Each layer is filled with chocolate buttercream and covered in vanilla buttercream.  The cake is chocolate chip chiffon cake.  Made this cake for Parker.  Happy Birthday little man. Happy 2nd Birthday Parker!

Sponge Bob Square Pants

Ube chiffon cake with ube filling.  Made Spongebob with fondant hence everything is edible. I'm ready! I'm ready!

Cafe Latte Cupcake

Coffee cupcake with coffee buttercream drizzled with bittersweet chocolate