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Pretty in Blue

Today, Chris, Bronze, Charisma and I went to Aspen's Birthday party.   We gave her this adorable barbie doll cake.  At first I was going to make a figurine doll cake .  I decided against it because the party is out of town.  The sheet cake is 9"X13"X4" marble cake that is filled with chocolate buttercream and covered in vanilla buttercream.  Barbie's skirt is stuffed with rice crispies treats.  I shaped the fondant into skinny sausages to make the creases on the skirt.  Barbie's dress is then covered with blue fondant and white gumpaste to finish the look. I am soo nervous.  My hands were extra shakey.  Hahahha...  I put my heart and sweat in to that cake and I am just worried that it might taste like crap.  I tasted it and it should taste great.  hehehe worried for nothing.  ANYWAAAAYS....  Somebody called the kids to see the cake.   When Aspen and her friends saw the cake they all said in unison, "Whoah!".  Then Apen's brother Kaden s

Ruffle Purse

Ube and Macapuno cake iced with vanilla buttercream.  Macapuno cream cheese icing is delicious with it too.