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Special Black Forest Cake Recipe

I love it when clients gives me full artistic freedom AND special cake flavors.   I so so so wanted to crack this cake open to show you guys the beautiful layers of this cake, the rich chocolate cake, cherry cream layers, and the dark chocolate ganache.  A black forest cake heaven!   Here's what's in the cake.... The chocolate cake is drenched in sweet cherry simple syrup.  Usually it's spiked with kirsch liquor, this one is alcohol free.  I then filled it with cherry cream filling.  It's made by combining fresh whipped cream and cherry pie filling.  If you can find canned bing cherries get those instead. That's all the tips I can give you.  Try making it on a weekend.  Task a family member to make one component of the cake.  Simple syrup, vanilla buttercream, and the chocolate cake can be made ahead of time and stored in the freezer. I give you...  BLACK FOREST CAKE INGREDIENTS For the cake 132 g cake flour sifted or 1 ¼ cups 1 ½

Easy Cherry Blossom Cake Recipe

It’s cherry blossom season! If you live in a colder climate like me, blossoms don't come until late spring.  That’s ok we can easily bake cherry blossoms into our cake.   I discovered this cherry blossom cake by chance and I immediately fell in love with it.  I knew I had to convert it into a quick and easy recipe with ingredients we can find at our local grocery store.  By the way this recipe is the “shortcut” version of Buttermilk’s “Cherry Blossom Cake (Inside and Out)”.  Get the original recipe here Cherry Blossom Cake | Buttermilk by Sam   CLICK HERE  to order my homemade, from scratch (no cake mix here), special  CHIFFON CHERRY BLOSSOM CAKE . Ingredients Source: Peace Tea Cheeky Cherry Flavored Tea I bought at Walmart.  If you can’t find it you may use milk or pure black cherry juice.  The cherry juice will add a hint of pink  into your cake.  If you don’t like that use milk instead.  The cherry flavored sprinkles I made from scratch and you can order it here .